Updating my Six Year Old Laptop

Today I finally finished the update on my six year old laptop. I know it sounds crazy, but I bough a laptop back in end of 2001 and I still haven't replaced it. I put linux into it and never looked back Started with Mandrake at the time, I then made the switch to Gentoo. Since then I have always updated my system without any format like you have to do on other operating systems.

I was unable to connect it to the internet for a while. This lead to a very outdated operating system. Luckily Gentoo is almost straight forward to update. The only problem is that my desktop environment is eating a little too much memory for my taste. I guess I'll need to tackle it later.

On my project list is an idea to make a 3D chart on top of Java 2D. Why? Well, I already made such a chart for the company I work for, but at that time I used Java 3D. Now, there is nothing seriously wrong with Java 3D itself. Let me make it clear that it is very nice API. But to do a chart in Java 3D is an overkill. Also I believe I can make a simple implementation using Java 2D alone. I'll post the progress of that work here, as it evolves.


WebBeans and others...

It has been some time since I blogged. I hope to do this more often. You see, I lost the internet connection in my Linux Laptop. Why? Well, my ISP decided to change its settings and didn't tell no one about it. It worked on Windows, but my laptop hasn't run Windows for over 4 years. I though it was a problem with the modem, or my configuration. I ended up buying a new modem/router. It still didn't work so I called technical support and then they told me the options that you have to use when you're not using their own modems. Why? Well, their modems have their hidden configuration options hardwired... but on to more interesting things.

I came across a series of articles about Web Beans. I don't know if you know about JEE (yes, since version 5 it is JEE - Java Enterprise Edition, not J2EE) but I had a training on this subject and I liked the way they used annotations and other techniques to turn a bloated platform into a clean and simple programming model. But their efforts haven't stopped. They are also specifying the concept of Web Bean. It's target? JEE6. Does it make your life simpler? Hell yes.

The injection model is simple and powerful. But instead of reading my opinion about it read the for part series on the subject by the Spec Lead: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Now that my laptop has a connection to the web it is just a matter of update it to the latests Gentoo patches and I'll be posting more regularly.