A Diet

I always intended to write about this subject a while back but never got the change to actually sit and write about it. I think this is the time, so if you're looking for a technical or management related blog entry simply skip this one.

Eight months ago I started a diet. I was a "little" overweight and always postponing the task of getting back into shape. I was unable to postpone this any time longer because of my mother.

Some times in your life you need a little push in the right direction. This push can come from many sides. It can be an event that occurred to you. It can simply be a loved one or a friend that has a talk with you. In my case it was my mother actually scheduling an appointment with a nutritionist.

My excuse for not caring about my weight was always that I would first go to a doctor, a nutritionist, before embarking on a diet. Well, my mother took the next step and actually scheduled the appointment and the necessary blood analysis that I had to carry out before the appointment.

I was scared. Not about the appointment but with the results of the analyses. There were some really bad values: that was the last push I needed to start thinking about my health a little more.

What is the end result? Well, I lost a third of my weight. I'm currently in my ideal body weight and feel a lot better. A side effect is that I'm also in a greater shape. I took an ancient old promise I made myself that if I would ever to loose any weight I would also get into shape. Nowadays I run, at least, 30km per week.

I was able not only to loose the extra "baggage" but I was also able to keep my ideal weight for 2 consecutive months. I actually had to cut down on the exercise because I was continuing to loose weight, but this way I get more time to blog.

If you read this far and you want to know the little details about the diet then I'm Sorry. I won't give them to you. My advice: see a doctor and respect what he/she tells you. Don't go for one of those "crazy" diets. What I can leave you with is a before and after picture of yours truly. The first picture is the picture I used to have in the right side of the blog. The second is the new "thin" me that is currently shown in the blog.