Finally on Vacations!!!

So, I'm finally on my vacations. I had to cite law articles to get some vacation time, but I'm finally at home, resting and recharging my batteries. I have some things to do, but things that are fun to do!!!

And it was the right time to go on vacations: my mood wasn't all that good, in fact, nobody could hear another one of my comments about how things are all wrong; my car needs to go to the garage (they are able to squeeze it this week); I need to by some clothes; I need to check out some swimming pools and I need to find a new house.

Many things to do while I'm on my vacations, but the one that I'm also doing is a Web Site for my family's company. It will be a simple Apache, PHP and MySQL site. What I really wanted was to make a full blow JEE5 Site, all Web 3.0 and so on. Facts are that they don't need all that bloat: they need a simple, clean and fast site. Taking into consideration the hosting costs and everything, PHP seems to be the way to go. I'll need to freshen-up my PHP skills, but that shouldn't be a problem...


Creative Commons!

Today I can't help to blog about something I stumbled upon in the Web.

I don't know if you haver heard about the Creative Commons initiative. If you didn't brace yourself for a trip to the world of freedom of expression and though!!!

Whenever you have an idea and implement it, the idea is automatically copyrighted. This is specifically true for Music, Pictures, Films, Books and son on. The problem nowadays is that this rights are being enforce to a level that is so extreme that our children are being forced in to pirates. They are being forced into believe that copyright should exist.

My humble opinion is that copyright does and should exist. But common sense should guide on what is breaking a copyright. If I'm copying a music without paying for it and redistributing it to the whole world, free of charge or not, I'm breaking a copyright. I don't think I'm breaking a copyright when I use a peace of a music, mix it with video and share it with my friends. This isn't breaking copyright, its expressing my creativity.

I won't write a lot more because this video from TED says it all. The speaker? Larry Lessig. Watch it: its 20 minutes well spent!!! And if you agree with this vision share it with the world!!!