Hidden Features...

I bought a Samsung SyncMaster XL2370HD recently. It has more than what I needed but I couldn't find one without the features I didn't need (HDTV) for a cheaper price so I bought it.

I honestly though about returning it because the colours and fonts were horrible when I first connected my laptop through HDMI. I played a LOT with the settings but didn't get anything good. I finally solved the issue by renaming the source.

That's right: you go the options, rename the source HDMI to PC and everything should start to working perfectly. They should call this feature "Source Fixer" instead of "Name Editor" as it turns off many of the "default" processing features that I don't need.

So, if you had a problem with weird colours or fonts in your monitor when using an HDMI cable try to rename the source HDMI. It is called "Edit Name" in my monitor and it will show you a list of devices (it won't allow you to input one). Just choose PC and it will work.