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It has been a long time since I last blogged. The reasons are many, but lets just say that things have been a little chaotic. It seems that everything has landed on top of my head: work, thesis, health, you name it...

Although it might seem that I'm just ranting for nothing, lets take a look at a few examples.

First I had to make a presentation to the President of the Republic. Yes, I live in a republic and we have a president. I was chosen by my former chief and the current chief to make this presentation. A 5 minute presentation that should pass the concept of the product, including a live demo of the software. In other words: you have 5 minutes to either excel at it, or be marked for the rest of your life for the worst reasons. Why do I say this? Well, all the public TV channels were there, including some private. Newspaper reports, radio reports, you name it. I even ended up with my face and my back in the public television!!! My parents were so proud ;-)

On that same week I had to travel to a city 300Km away (for those of you who think in miles I can tell you that it takes 3 hours by car to get there). The goal of the trip: try to save the same product I presented to the president. What do I mean with save? Well, there was a merge of the company with another company that had a similar tool. Similar... well, if you could say that it would be nice, but the fact is that the tool is ages behind us. It was a complete waste of time because upper management already decided for us. They just ignored more then 50 Mobile Phone Operators and more then 500 individual users, no big deal.

Just to finish this small list of things that happened a last thing: I was awarded a Laptop. No, it is not mine, it is of the company and everybody else is also getting one. It seems to be cheaper to give everybody laptops then to by an UPS. I also think they believe I should be working at home also, besides all the free extra hours I give them every single day.

As you can see things are moving along quite nicely... that's why I haven't been blogging much.

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