About Life and its Purpose

Today I had an enlightening experience that I think will change my life.

I usually start my day reading too many blogs from the web. These blogs range from technical articles and news, to jokes, movies, you name it: it's my "Inbox of the Web" - like someone from the Google Reader team said.

Everything was running as usual when I step upon a very long blog entry that I actually read. Why? Well, although the blog should be about Java, among other things, the entry was dedicated to a quadriplegic that had passed away. What captivated me in the log was the description of all the things that person had done after the skying accident that forced him to move in a wheel chair. He leaved is life to the fullest.

You might think: what the hell does it have to do we me? Well, that person actually programmed. How? Well, he used a stick in his mouth and typed one key after the other, very patiently. Although this shows the type of person he was, it wasn't this fact that caught my attention. What caught my attention is that he didn't let is condition stop him in any way from doing what he wanted.

Today I have many things that I would like to do. These things include making computer software, but I also want to do some crazy things. For instance: I think it was a couple of years ago that I bought a BTT (one of those all terrain bikes). A few weeks later I actually picked it up and went to a mountain and made an all terrain quest. I wasn't alone, but still we managed to get lost. It was prone to happen since we didn't had any map. This coupled with a bull (yes, a bull, like the mate of the cow) in the middle of the road and finishing following a paved road after descending for 4 kilometers of what used to be a road made the day unforgettable: it was an adventure.

I also want to go back and start swimming again, but I keep giving myself the excuse that I don't have time: I have to finish my Thesis. Facts are that even telling myself that I haven't been able to finish the Thesis either way.

And all this leads to what? Well, its time I take the example of someone and start taking control of my life. I can't let things affect me. If I'm unable to write the Thesis maybe its because I'm not swimming like my body is asking me to. In fact, even my mind sometimes asks me to.

With all that outside of my system I think its time to make some changes. Probably even making a change in my look. My parents have been crying for this one for quite some time, since I'm one of those that wants to feel comfortable in their close, no matter if they are old or if I used the same pair of pants the whole week.

Lets see what happens, if this is just a discharge of what I read today or if I actually change anything in my life. Either way, I'll starting writing about my life more often. It is a little strange to write about my life on the web, but it helps. And if this entry helps someone change their life also then better yet.

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