What I wanted to do...

Today I found blog that follows the lines of what I wanted to do. It contains many little hacks or tricks to make something that is way cool for the end user simple for the programmer. You can find it here. It also has a nice tree index if you're looking for something specific.

This blog contains some of the things I would like to be doing, if I had the time. Well, in fact I have the time because the time I should be investing in my Thesis I don't. Why? Well, I would say lack of motivation or of writing something that should have been written a long time ago. Maybe I should just swallow this frog and write it out of hanger... Yes, lets just do it!

In can you are wondering "Swallow this frog" is an expression that Portuguese people use. When is it used? Well, when you're doing something you don't like but that you must. And since frogs are ugly and in Portugal they aren't part of a standard diet we call it swallow a frog.

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