A Goodbye...

Today was my last day at my current working location. It is strange to leave a place where I have worked for 7 years and 15 days exactly. I'm not leaving the company, but the place, the friends from other departments that are staying.

I will miss specially the ladies, since in our new location there won't be a single lady in the floor I'll be working: just men. I usually say that if you put too many men engineers in the same place without a single women things fall apart. I say this because the conversation level degrades...

A women would make all the men automatically be more self-conscious and avoid having conversations in slang or anything worse. To all those that stay in the old location I wish the best of luck and happiness with their lives. For all those that like me will be pursuing a new adventure I wish also the best luck and happiness. For those that have left or will leave I want to say this: I understand and although I'll miss you, as friend I have to tell you to pursue your happiness.

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