Time for Some Swimming

As I already mentioned, I'm a little overweighted. As part of the New Year's Resolution to live my life to its fullest I have decided to start Swimming. By this I mean to start doing some one hour sessions in a swimming pool. Although during the first sessions... well, probably the first month, I won't be able to swim for an entire our it should be a good way to: burn some calories; discharge some stress and get into shape.

Why Swimming? Well, I used to be in the pre-competition in in this area. What does this mean? I used to do something like 200 swimming pools in one hour in all sorts of styles and I would do it three times a week. Since I left it I have never been in shape like back then. At that time I could do whatever for no matter how long and I would feel tired - unless I really pushed to the limit for too long. Now I loose part of my breath one I walk up 5 flights of stairs. I think it is a sign that I need to get into shape.

Now I only have to choose a pool and a schedule in which I still have some time to sleep...

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