To Hack or not to Hack?

I 've been looking at existing bugs in GNome's Bugzilla. I was amazed to see that there are several bugs related to showing Album Covers in Rhythmbox. I'm starting to think: "Is it worth to make a patch to show the art embedded in MP3 Files?". A fact is that GStreamer supports it, but the latest version of Rhythmbox from SVN doesn't. It is also a fact that there are already bugs that are addressing the issue and even using a Metadata extension in Rhythmbox to show the Album Cover in the notification message. My efforts might be a little late, that is, if they show it in the tray icon then it is a lot easier to add support for embedded images.

My Conclusion: I went over my head in trying to make a patch for something that it seems others are working on, or at least on parts of. There is already a Bug that handles showing the Cover Art in the notification area. The changes proposed in this bug have been committed so I'll check what they have been doing. If I can find a way to plug in the cover art without having to change many things it would be great. Facts are that I will have to upgrade the GStreamer version on my stable machine to an unstable one to develop this patch...

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