Writing a Thesis... a Revelation!

Writing a Thesis is turning out to be a worthy challenge. It is like writing a book! You have to make it fluent and coherent from start to finish, it has to be well written and an enjoyable reading. On top of all this you have to be talking about things that are complex, new and hard to understand. Its like mixing water with oil: the two don't get along and even if try really hard to mix them they won't stay together for too long.

I haven't written a single sentence in my Thesis for a long time. You see, the only things I have to do to finish it are: write the Thesis, deliver it and defend it. It seems simple but I'm finding it hard to focus on the task at hand: writing it!

I always wanted to write some articles or even a book, but if I can't write the Thesis it is going to be hard. I also believe that writing articles or books can be a lot easier then writing the Thesis because I'm writing a text that should teach or help someone grasp a concept. In the Thesis I'm explaining new concepts to those that already understand the old ones.

Strange, now that I have written this it seems that I can write the Thesis like if it was a book that is introducing a new idea to someone who doesn't know anything about it. Strange: it seems that by writing about the problem a solution has presented itself. Its like when: your way to deep in code that you can't see the bug; you ask someone for their help and when you just started explaining what the code does you find the bug.

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